the little stone house is now in the family
Tropical Beach House - kitchen and bathroom

Tropical Beach House - the loft

I meant to post all the room detail posts in a row, one day after the other, but life distracted me, what with Daughter buying a house, holiday celebrations, and being buried under an avalanche of paperwork at the office after buying a new company.

On with the show...I've got other stuff to share with you when I'm done with these....


I made all the furniture in the loft from scratch except for the desk chair, which is from Shapeways

I get many questions about the nightstands...I made them by cutting an unfinished wooden napkin ring in half.  I topped each half with a piece of scrap basswood, trimmed out the edges, sanded, and finished with a couple coats of enamel paint.  

The headboard is a piece of stick-on, repositionable, wall decal.  The reading spotlight sconces are candle sconces turned upside down.

The fabric for the sheets and blanket came from my stash; I peruse the remnants bin at JoAnne's every time I'm there for mini-worthy prospects.   The anchor fabric for the throw pillow came from Wee Wovens, she generously included a snippet of it as a surprise bonus when I purchased the sandcastle fabric for the sofa pillows.

The iPad on the nightstand, the macbook on the desk, and the iPhones elsewhere in the house were purchased from LiLu Miniature.   The brandy glass is from The Little Dollhouse Company.  The jar of hand creme (that's what I imagine it is anyway) is a bead topped with a another bead.  Leaves for the palm in the corner are from JMG Miniatures....the pot it's planted in is a black plastic bottle cap.


DSCN2994I made the other plant on the dresser from scratch, with leaves made from origami paper using a acorn shaped paper punch, then inserted into a little seed pod that looks like a tiny pine cone but isn't.   If anybody ever needs a bunch of tiny pine cones for a project I know where I can pick a bunch off a tree. ;)



The orchid was made by Era Pearce.  The glass perfume bottles are mass produced pieces, I put a bit of liquor in them.  The green perfume bottle I made from a bead and some watch parts.  The exquisite glass octopus, and paperweight on the other nightstand, I purchased from Vitreus Ignis at the Bishop Show in Chicago last April.


I made the surfing magazines from images sourced online.


I don't remember where I got the brass key.  The wood vase was turned by Bill Helmer.  The brass comb was made by le mini di Pierluigi, purchased from The Little Dollhouse Company.   I made the wallet from paper, on the spur of the moment, to hide half the looked too long for a man's dresser, it's a woman's comb.


The pushpin shaped bulletin board was a gift from Kat. It looked better in the natural wood finish it arrived in, but I had to paint it for it to stand out against the natural wood wall.  The pictures pinned to it were sourced online, the pushpins are dots of paint.

The piles of paperwork are from Moulin Cerulean; I gutted the mill before I got rid of it. 


The wooden jewelry chest is made from a kit by Lisa's Little Things.  I made the books and marbled boxes on the shelves.

The big metal five has been floating around my studio for years, I picked it up off the ground during a walk through my neighborhood one day.

Someone commented in an earlier post on the flooring.  The flooring in the house is cut from one very large piece of handmade paper made in the Philippines from salago fibers.   I selected it because it reminds me of the lines made by waves in sand on the beach  Is it supposed to be carpet, stone, or maybe vinyl flooring?  Who knows....I leave that up to the viewer to decide.


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I love the view of the desk from the back of the house, the way the light comes in and how you can see out the window from the desk. Gorgeous!


Me too. :)

Jodi Hippler

Every little detail is wonderful! The dressers are awesome, too! How did you come up with those? I love the way your mini mind works!


I did an image search for mid century modern dressers...found this...
...and thought hmm, I have some half scale siding left over from the Fairfield.

The legs are all wrong, but I had to keep them short since the loft is short.

Jodi Hippler

What a perfect way to recycle siding! Very clever!


I'll never get tired of seeing pics from this house.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year =0)

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