little stone house update
Creatin' Contest 2016 - first dry fit


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Oooohhhh.....I love that floral tile!!

Nancy Enge

Now that is some nice tile work! What’s it like to work 12:1?


12:1 is much easier! Kate has a couple of great contractors. She selects and purchases tiles and whatnot, piles them in the living room, then poof, they're in place in the bathroom next time she goes to the house.

The checks she has to write are much larger, though.


Looks amazing! Those contractors are making good progress!


Love how that looks. Flowers in black and white are unique but she's smart that she isn't tied into one color scheme because of the tile.


Yes, that floral detail is divine! :D Ah, to have good home improvement elves!

Jodi Hippler

Bling! And very stylish bling, too! Broke but excited, the story of the happy homeowner! Welcome to the club, Kate!


She's off to a great start!

Mad for Mod

I love that flower tile! It makes me want to do this in mini!


Is the bathroom being enlarged as well?


The bathroom is staying the same size, and everything is staying in the same place, but she is replacing the 2/3 size tub with a walk-in shower with glass doors, and adding an overhead light. It will only be enlarged visually. I think the new vanity is's rounded, so will fit the tiny space better.

Florence Burke

looking great, you have excellent taste Kate, can't wait to see it done

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