little stone house update - bathroom progress
I need two more Russian names


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Nancy Enge

Ooooooh pretty. And, ooooooh exciting!




HBS issued a press release, which was picked up by the local news agencies. There's going to an article in the local paper, and perhaps also in one of the local magazines. I'll share links when there is publication.

Mad for Mod

Awesome! How cool to have an article(or two) about your work! I wish I could say my work room was that tidy. How do you keep saw dust from covering everything?

Hmmm, doesn't look like mine... And yay for the articles! That's pretty cool.


SWEET!! I'm excited to read the article(s)!!!! :) :) I can say I knew you when... :)


The thing I envy most about you, other than that there are days when you're just "not hungry", is the patience and eyesight you have to assemble those tiny flowers.

Hehe... love your tidy workspace, too!
That tablesaw blade is the stuff of nightmares, though.

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