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little stone house update - bathroom progress

The bathroom is coming along nicely (but slowly...I wish dry time was instantaneous).

She's waiting now for the drywall guy, who is having fits about the condition of the driveway.  Kate's contractors ran her snowblower yesterday, but we will have to go out this weekend with ice picks and shovels to clean out the end, where there is a hump of snow packed down as hard as cement.

New windows and doors arrive later this week.




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Cute! Can't wait to see it finished.


Love the window and different shaped tiles! My sympathies regarding the ice and snow. I do not miss northern weather.


It looks fantastic! I love the shower seat. No more "holy crap I'm falling over and might die" moments as you shave your legs. Brilliant!!

Jodi Hippler

Holy crap! This is going to be so stinking cute! The dark grout is ~F~A~N~T~A~S~T~I~C~! I can't wait to see how she accessorizes!

Oh, and... You know your kid is all grown up when SHE OWNS A SNOWBLOWER!!!


Kat, that's exactly why she had that built in. Her contractors were concerned about her request for a bench, because there wasn't room for one and they couldn't figure out why she'd want to sit down in the shower....she told them she needed something to prop her foot on while shaving her legs and they said "ohhhhh, now we get it, we'll figure out something." The little raised corner is at the perfect height for my tiny girl to do just that.


Looking good. I was thinking it was miniature at first glance.
We are gutting our bathroom this summer. Very exciting.


I thought it was a new mini project at first, too!

Good luck with both the weather and the drywall guy.

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