Creatin' Contest 2016 - first dry fit
The Tropical Beach House is the Grand Prize Winner!

my Christmas present

The gift Kate bought me for Christmas arrived today, after being hung up in customs.


He was made by Victoria Chernysheva, and traveled a long way from Russia to get here.  I named him Sergei.  He's destined for the 2016 contest house, but for now he's living dust-free in the 2015 build, though the dog isn't too thrilled, he's bigger than she is.

He reminds me, it's been a while since I've posted a gratuitous cat picture.



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Those two kitties are perfect!

Nancy Enge

So handsome, and a well-defined forehead M. I like that in a striped cat.


It stands for mischievous ;)


Sergei is adorable! And so is that cutie in your profile angelic!


Meow meows! :D He's lovely! I like your new profile pic...very cute!


He is very regal looking. Is it just the camera angle, he looks a bit big to be 1/12? Maybe it's all fluff.

The real kitty is very regal looking as well, but dangerous! Those claws!


Kate has excellent taste in Christmas gifts!! Sergei!
A Russian cat - how exotic!

And Ester is adorable, as always - I hadn't noticed the M on her forehead before Nancy pointed it out!
Those claws...


Yes, Sergei is, realistically, too tall to be accurate 1:12 scale. He was moderately affordable though, comparatively. I'm just considering him a big cat :)


M stands for Moggie. Love her. The miniature fluffy cat is adorable too... poor little dog. Gonna be a lot of barking until territory is established.

Yayyyyy!!! Congratulations on your Creatin Contest win! Some stiff competition this year but you won! Well done, I'm so happy for you.

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