The Tropical Beach House is the Grand Prize Winner!
little stone house update - bathroom progress

New toys

No work on the new kit yet, I've been learning all the cool stuff my brand new very first cell phone can do.  I decided now that Kate is moving out it's time to join the modern world and be always accessible.  I picked a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and am absolutely in love with it.

 I spent some of my contest winnings...mostly on building supplies and tools...


Reverse action tweezers, where have you been all my life?


  More goodies...books from Looking Glass Miniature...


 And a paper towel quilt and paper dress from L Delaney...



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Lucky you :)
Books look real nice, love the colors of the towel quilt.
Hugs, Irina

AM Minaard

Hi Keli, first of welcome to the modern world! ;0 Trust me when I say it will make your life and keeping in touch way way way easier! The miniature botanical book is amazing as are the reverse action tweezers those are going on my "To Get" list! Wishing you a lovely day, enjoy the wonders of your new Phone and can't wait to see what you are going to do with your new building supplies. Hugs AM

Mad for Mod

Nice! I like your new profile pic too!


Yay, new mini supplies and a new box for Ester!

And yay for the new cell phone.
No playing Farm Heroes Saga until 3:00 in the morning and waking up groggy, though, or neglecting your builds and blog, right?
(Did you reach the level where you can get free coins for clearing 5 levels, and then someone steals your crown and you can go back and clear it again for more free coins??)

LOVE those tiny books and the quilt!!

Nancy Enge

Some great stuff there!

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