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The Tropical Beach House is the Grand Prize Winner!

I got the news a couple of weeks ago, and I'm still stunned. :D  I haven't quit smiling!


If you've just arrived here, you can see all the posts about building the house, including links to the artisans who made accessories, by clicking on #HBSCreatinContest2015 in the categories list.  If you want to skip the small talk and go straight to the finished photos, click on the picture of the house further down in the sidebar to view the photo album.  

Congratulations to all 115 contestants for finishing the build, and congratulations to the other winners.  It's amazing to see all the creative interpretations of the same base kit.  Head over to to see all the entries.

You're invited to  stick around to watch me build the 2016 contest  kit :)  There are several ways to subscribe to my posts, or just bookmark  I post at least once a week...daily if I'm in the zone and making accomplishments.

Thank you to all you were here with me last year, cheering me on, it means more than I can say. ♥


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Congratulations! Your creation makes me wish I were 5.5" tall so I could rent the cottage for a month and enjoy the beach.



So happy for you.


Congrats, my friend! :D



You did an outstanding job, it was BY FAR the cream of the crop this year! Well deserved!


When I didn't see your entry in the earlier awards, I figured it had to be the Grand Prize Winner! Congratulations!

Nancy Enge

So happy for you, and all of us who get to see what you do! Thanks, congratulations and carry on.

Barbara W.

Congratulations! You created an outstanding entry.


Keli, that's bloody marvellous! Congrats and keep up the good work.


Thanks, all! Now I'm smiling even bigger....think my face might break :)


SO proud of you!!!! :) :) :) Relish in the moment. :) :)


Yes yes YES!!!


The others were amazing builds with very creative heads and hearts behind them, but yours is SO deserving of the win!
I think everyone who sees it would want to snuggle in to the house for a vacation week or two.
Or live there and never leave!

Congratulations, dearest friend!!

Brenda Solo

Awesome!! I had no doubts you would win!! Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing the progress as you built your beautiful home :)


Wonderful! Congratulations!


I was so so happy to see the news! Your beach house looks amazing, you so deserve this win! I loved seeing the house thing come together and reading about your journey during construction :) so glad to hear you've got a 2016 project next, can't wait to see! Again a huge congrats!!!


*me again! Sorry auto correct added "thing" it's definitately more then a house thing!! Sorry


Congrats! It was an amazing build!


It still is! Ha!

Thanks :)

Betsy Rogers

Congratulations!!! Your entry is really fantastic and deserving of such an honor! (I did wonder why I hadn't seen it listed!) You went the extra mile for this build and it shows!!! Great job!!!


Congratulations! A beautiful build! Looking forward to this year's journey.


Congratulations! It was fun following along.


Thank you :)


Congratulations! It is fabulous. And thank you for sharing your journey with us. It was so fun to watch it evolve and to learn from you. I love the colors especially. And I still think the washing machine looks great!

Dee V.C.

I kept waiting to see you in the winners announcement, and when all had been announced but top prize, I knew it had to be you! I cheered! Contgratulations!!! Great job!!!

elizabeth slinn

Hi Keli! I saw the announcement posted that there was a winner and that it was YOU and I was THRILLED and so happy for you! A WELL DESERVED , Grand Prize! Your build is EXCEPTIONAL and I know that you must be feeling VERY PROUD!
Hey, I am proud of you too! :D


So, so chuffed for you Keli. The win is thoroughly deserved and I am so happy I had the chance to sit on the sidelines as your design came to fruition.



Thank you, all ☺️

Ellen Crawford

I had some time on my hands at Thanksgiving and Christmas so I read your entire blog from day one, I learned so many helpful things and I enjoyed the tidbits you throw in about your family, work and cats! Thanks for doing this blog, it helps those of us who aren't as talented. Congrats on this win, your entry is awesome!


That must have taken a while, wow. Thanks :)


Congratulations!!! I love it, it's such a great build with so many great details and fun and inventive structural stuff that I think is amazing, well deserved and I can imagine well you are superthrilled and happy! :D

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