A big little stone house update
updates galore


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Wow! Was it weird reading about yourself?


Congrats! :D


You are too funny! Congratulations a beautiful build.


Congrats!!! You deserve a mini shrine wall now......get it framed!


1. I LOVE those jammie pants!!

2. Congratulations on the well-deserved attention your amazing house is getting!

3. I'm digging the size of that crossword puzzle.
Rotten & I did the WSJ crossword weekly until the newspaper made the print too small.

4. This post seriously needs a cat in it!


The scene started with a cat in it, but she didn't like the rustling paper.


Nice! And your Sunday looks like it was way more relaxing than mine. Darned Girl Scout cookies are chewing up all my free time.

Nancy Enge

So fun, and so well-deserved. Congratulations all over again :)



Found it!


LOL, you're funny. I'd have given you the link if I knew you wanted it.


Of course everyone wanted to read the article! The video is a great bonus, too, especially seeing how the parts of the house open and close.

Nice touch that you have the house in the background of the photo!


That is awesome!
Brown hair? What's up with that?


Thanks, everybody, for the congratulations. I'm still flying high.

Audra, that's my natural hair color. My hair stylist told me, a year or so ago, in a very nice way, that if I didn't stop the constant bleaching and dying I wasn't going to have any hair left to color. I really, really, really miss blue hair :(


What a wonderful, well-deserved article! I'm very proud of you!!


Sorry for this late comment... I first would like to apologize, I was not seeing anything on your blog when I noticed that the problem was caused by my browser! It seems like I was not able to see your blog anymore as I started using Firefox with some Add blockers and ghostery. So I have some catching up and reading to do :/ Now that this is said... CONGRATULATIONS! (Better late than never) Your entry is amazing and so well done! I can't believe how many details you have put in it. Well deserved :)



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