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I didn't have to labor at Kate's house this weekend.  She has been working 60 hour weeks the last few weeks and wanted to catch up on her sleep.  The contractors finished their work this week, there is some painting Kate needs to do, the electrician has to finish up this week, and the cleaner has to come out (the professional cleaning is a gift from her realtor).

Since I had the weekend for myself I caught up on housework, went to my favorite antiques store, and spent some time in my studio.

The new porch railing has been waiting for glue to dry.  I had a brief "oh shit!" moment as I placed the last magnet in the jig, when I realized I hadn't paid attention to which way was right side up when I glued the balusters in.  They're fine; either I've been doing this long enough that it was habit, or I got lucky.


While I was waiting, I began alterations on a Reutter Porcelain resin owl statue that is too tall to fit on a bookcase shelf.  Here he is with a large portion of the base removed, and the tufts of feathers that make the "horns" sanded down...


I am going to turn him into a spectacle he is after his first coat of paint....


I'm using oils to paint him.  I rarely paint with oils because I'm generally impatient about dry time, but each time I do I'm surprised anew at how much I enjoy them.  I have the same reaction every time I listen to the Beta Band's 3 E.P.'s album.


 Saturday I finally found the perfect antique chair to use with the antique desk my husband bought me for Christmas.  I've been looking for one the last two months.  Pardon the odd angle of the photograph, the desk is sitting in my dining room, waiting for Kate to move into her house...I've got dibs on her old bedroom.


 I also bought myself a shot glass.  I love etched glass, but don't have room to display much, so this was perfect.  I bought Kate a piece of pink depression glass. 


Because Kate's house is tiny she needs a tiny dining table....something no larger than bistro size.  I saw this gorgeous tilt-top table that would be perfect, so snapped a pic to show Kate.


 I also snapped a pic of this citrus reamer,  as she has been complaining that she can't find a deep one....and she has a weakness for vaseline glass.


 She was intrigued by both pieces, so we went this morning to check them out.  She passed on the table because she didn't like the color of the finish.

"It's the same brown color as all the fake wood table finishes.  I don't like it." 

"But you know it's solid wood, not veneer, right?"

"I know.  I don't like the color."

"It's the perfect size for your space."

"Yes it is."

"It has a beautiful shape, and I love the base"

 "I've seen better ones on Etsy."

"At this price point?!?  And this one has no shipping cost."

"I hadn't thought of that.  I don't like the color."


She got the reamer and an awesome tea cart for her kitchen.  The bottom shelf is loose from the legs, but it's nothing some wood glue and clamps can't fix.  I can teach her.



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I want to go antiquing with you! Fabulous finds ♥


LOVE the feet on the tilt-top, and I would have tried the angle of "you can sand the top and paint/mosaic it another color", but you raised a brilliant young woman with her own mind!
Love the tea cart, too, and vaseline glass is my weakness!

Your chair is perfect - you have the eye for hidden treasures!


I love it that you can teach her. I'm learning a lot of woodworking skills from my father lately, and it's been this really special bonding time for me. :) :) I'm glad your daughter is learning so much from you. *squish*

Nancy Enge

I’m glad you corrected your little owl’s eyes. He looks much wiser now. And I listened to the Beta Band :)
Folktronica? Who knew? Thanks!

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