we gave up
what I bought at the shows part one


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The days flew by too fast with you - I'm planning on coming up to go with you at least every other year, so I have that long to save up my pennies again.
So many good memories of all the laughs and hours of talking... so many mind-blowing artists... tired feet and pure bliss!!

I am still SO happy with every single purchase.
That cranberry glass!
My sweet little teddy bears!
The veggies - your photos did justice to every single piece!
What a wonderful weekend, all around!

I'm looking forward to seeing your purchases again, too!


Gorgeous! I'm so jealous that I'm no where near Chicago anymore. Can't wait to see what you bought. The pink glass is so pretty!


Oh my what a haul! Beautiful items...I can't wait to see you use them. My husband has promised me a trip to the show. Your purchases got me excited for the (one day) trip.


GO GO SUSAN GO!!! I'm LOVING all of the goods. And I'm also in the midst of a twitching jealousy fit because I WANTS ALL THE MINIS FOREVERZ!!!! Bahaha!! I really do think I need to go next year or I might die. Oh, the pains of being a miniaturist. We're so tortured. I can't wait to see more pix!! :) :)


Eeeeek! Love the Chinese checkers and the little bears!!


Ooohhh, a tiny Rupert the bear!!! And I don't know what the little soldier bear is, but they are both so freakin cute and detailed. Wow, lucky Susan. Chicago is definitely on my bucket list.


Oh, you all NEED to go if you haven't! Just to walk around the talent that is in those rooms and to see how humble and sharing the artists are is overwhelming and inspiring!!

And oh yes, the goodies! Some of the pieces were too expensive for me to even want to touch, but there is such a wide range of prices that anyone can afford to come away feeling very satisfied.

I have to say that Keli is the PERFECT person to attend the show with!
We had almost the exact same pace around the tables and she pointed out things that I might have missed otherwise. She was so patient with me spending time with things that really struck me, where anyone else would have been ready to move on.

Keli, thank you! You made it an excellent weekend for me, right down to picking a hotel with beds made of fluffy cotton clouds to crash on!

Blondie, go next year! All of you should - I'll be back, and feel blessed to have finally made it this year.
And extra blessed to have had such a wonderful friend to get me there!



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