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moving in to the stone house

I'm sick of the little stone house

Spring sprung here three weeks ago, but it only lasted a week before winter shooed it away. Everything is covered in snow again.  It's cold, dreary, and depressing.

Work continues at a slow pace at Kate's house.  Just as her 60 hour work weeks were going back to the normal 36 the new nurse got sick, so she got called in.  She, her future roommate, and I have been painting whenever one of us can get out there, but we all work full time, so it hasn't been as often as we'd like.   Kate's exhausted, I'm sick of painting, we both want the renovation to be finally DONE already so we can rest.  I'm looking forward to my Chicago trip in a couple of weeks!

She had an electrician out last week to run modern wiring and replace some outlets in the living room and kitchen.   Her roommate's Uncle came yesterday to replace the broken sump pump in her flooding basement.  There were two sump pumps in the basement, one broken and one working, when she bought the house.  We didn't realize the second sump pump was necessary until all the rain and thawing snow caused water to pour into holes in the sides of its basin, overflowing onto the floor and rushing across the basement to the second, working, sump pump.  He told us "this town is wet", we'll always have the issue, everyone with a basement does, but as long as the sump pumps are working the basement will be dry.  She is still going to have the property re-graded this summer, though, as the ground currently slopes toward the house and garage instead of away from them.   (That's not noticeable when one buys a house in December and the ground is covered in a foot of snow.)

While the new sump pump was being installed Kate spent hours scrubbing the last of the residual grout haze from the bathroom tiles while I primed and painted the ground floor window recesses. 

The list of things to be done is getting shorter. The painting is almost done now except for touch up painting on the walls of the blue bedroom, the trim around the front door, and the trim in the mudroom.  (The mudroom and front door need to wait for warmer weather.)  There are some odd and end tasks to take care of...cabinet knobs installed, outlet covers put back on, curtain rods hung, have a mirrored front made for the custom built medicine cabinet, etc.  Mostly it just needs a good cleaning.  The professional cleaning she was gifted doesn't look like it's going to happen, the cleaners her realtor knows are either out of the business or unavailable, so Kate and I will do it ourselves.

The drywall was slightly damaged around the living room outlets when they were replaced, and rather than try to repair the damage Kate bought new, larger, outlet covers.  She fell in love with these resin ones, but they didn't come in white, so "I'll just spray paint them!"  Sigh. 

I explained they are too detailed for a non-expert to spray paint without making a gloppy mess, then brought them home with me and am painting them for her.  I was going to brush a coat of enamel paint on them, because it will wear well, but she wants them to match the rest of her trim.  Thankfully I insisted she buy a good quality paint with ceramic in it.  Here's the first with a coat of gesso....once I'm sure the gesso adheres well I'll coat the rest.




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Yikes... Good luck with the house... weekend work is always a joy. And the outlets look pretty...though I wouldn't want to dust them. That's my chief concern with any decor since TX is a dustbowl. If it isn't easy to dust I won't buy it.

Fun with sump pumps... her biggest problem is going to be if it storms and the power goes out. Because then the pumps don't work unless you have a generator to back them up. We ran into that problem when I lived in Chicago. Hopefully regrading the property will help with that.


:O I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the tip!


Best mom ever!

It doesn't help that the weather has been spring like and now looks like winter went on a bender and vomited snow everywhere. My mood is also blah!

Keep your eye open at Home Depot (or similar) for a small gas generator for the sump pump. Sump pumps and power outages are the devil. I've had luck looking all doe eyed and confused and getting them to sell me floor models of all kinds of things at great discounts.



Ugh, I know how these things drag! My husband and I finished off most of our house (it was built to the lining stage and we did the rest) and I reckon it took at least twice as long as we anticipated. Even now, ten years later, things could do with a little finishing off in spots. But there is a lot of satisfaction when things are finished. The hardest part is the preparation and the cleaning up afterwards! Power on ladies, the end is nigh!


Thanks for the encouragement. :)


Kate is getting a crash course in how much being a homeowner can stink at times.
I had a basement that flooded every time the lake level went up and the worst of it was that everything got a musty smell if you didn't stay on top of keeping it dried out, so don't store anything down there yet, even if you think it's out of the water's reach.

And yes, best Mom ever - your new profile pic of the two of you is as adorable as it gets!

Looking forward to the Chicago show here, too!
I need to start making a game plan!


Matt gave her a dehumidifier that she's been running, but I'll tell her not to store clothes down there.

She's planning on building a home gym in the basement...rubber mats on the floor, a rowing machine, some free weights, and a punching bag to practice her kickboxing.

I need to get a new picture of she and I, that one was taken in the summer of 2009. It will always be one of my favorites, though.


But what you have done looks beautiful. Be thankful it is not a big stone house!

Mad for Mod

Love the new pic! I grew up in a house that flooded regularly, what a pain and it does start to smell. Hopefully the sump pump keeps going strong. The problems of the Great Lakes and Midwest...spring teases us! It was 73 degrees here a couple of weeks ago now it's snowing.


Yes Sherrill, thank goodness it's a small house!

Cyd, I suspect we're going to miss spring altogether. I'm betting it goes from the 20 degree days we've been having stright into summer and the 80s..


You are a saint, for reals. After I moved into my grandparents' old home last year, I went through all of this with my parents, who are also saints. At the time, it all seemed SO IMPORTANT to do it RIGHT NOW, but at some point, the list kind of tapered off, and we have left some things on the Not Critical list to get to when we have time. For example, half of my house only has two-prong outlets from the dark ages that are quite questionable. LOL. I say all of this to share my empathy with WHOA THIS HOUSE NEEDS WAY MORE WORK THAN I THOUGHT IT DID! EEK! *hugs* *clinks alcohol-filled glasses with you and your daughter*

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