I'm sick of the little stone house
we gave up

moving in to the stone house

Done! Done enough to move in, anyway. I have no pictures because we mopped our way out of the house last night.

I announced that I'd had enough, we could knock the rest of the things off the to-do list with one long, hard day, and went into project manager mode. I was out at the house bright and early, after I'd had my morning coffee, to finish the touch up painting in the blue bedroom. Husband came out a bit later to mount a deadbolt, hang smoke detectors, put on register covers, etc. Kate came out after she got out of work at 10 am. I washed walls while Kate cleaned out all the construction odds and ends. We swept, mopped, scrubbed, etc. I taught Kate how to use her drill...she drilled holes for and put on the cabinet knobs she bought for the kitchen. Etc, etc, etc...it was indeed a long, hard day. We came home, had a late dinner, and went straight to bed.

Kate was getting so discouraged, with everything that kept going wrong, but seeing the house in a liveable state instead of as a construction zone has lifted her spirits considerably. My muscles ache, but today we start moving her stuff in.


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Yeah!! All the hard work has paid off.

Maybe your next build could be a mini version of her house......right?? (Insert crazy muhahaha laught)


Yay for Move In Day! Good for you guys.



Kat, I already have a plan... :D


OMG Kate and I were in the exact same place. I had a few crying fits when I moved in here because I was overwhelmed and confused and way out of my element with home repair and feeling guilty about my folks helping so much. It SUCKED. I might suggest this book for Kate as a home warming gift. I'm learning a LOT from it. :) :) http://www.amazon.com/Black-Decker-Complete-Repair-Photo/dp/1589233557/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401208246&sr=1-1&keywords=9781589233553

My mother washed my walls for me before we repainted them. I'd never heard of/seen such a thing. And then you did it for her! Am a little teary thinking about how good you mommas are to us. :) :) Trust me when I say that Kate and I feel the love and are SO thankful for our families. :) :)

Now GIT TO WORK. *cracks whip at you and my mother* BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

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