what I bought at the shows part one
a friend sent me a link to this

what I bought at the shows part two


Pin setting tweezers, drill bits and Archimedes drill from Smaller Than Life.  I lost the smallest bit in the hotel room already.


Stand mixer and cookbooks from Dorota Mateusiak.


Squirrels, chickadee, and insects from Barbara Meyer.  Garden gnome from Spencer's Nook.  The potted poppy didn't have a name on the receipt.


The wooden toy works!  It was made by Keenderson Miniatures.  Owl was crocheted by Gibson Girl, wooden box from Smaller Than Life, glasses from Dollhouse Isako, and glass decanter from Mini Decorators.


Flower kits from Paula Gilhooley, fabrics from miscellaneous tables.


Painting by Elizabeth Hefley of ERH Gallery, two tone basket by Nancy Wantiez, other baskets from and Mini Mansions and I don't remember who, wooden basket kit from Laser Creations.


The desk was from the bargain table...five bucks!...it needs to be glued and clamped at the bottom.  The gourd is a real gourd, a spinner gourd, grown and finished by Jeanette Utpatel.  I don't remember where I bought the tricycle and bowls.


 Geode, ammonite and snail shell from Lynn O'Shaughnessy.

That's it, that's all my loot.  Not too bad for someone with no shopping list :)


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Mad for Mod

Nice finds! I love the flower kits (wish I had bought a couple) and that tricycle is way cool! It was fun seeing you at the show!


You too, Cyd!


Oh, I forgot how much great stuff you got! That little ball game is fantastic! So much fun.

And speaking of fun, Lynn O'Shaughnessy is a riot! And has amazing little fossils and treasures!

I want to hear about your pin vise when you get a chance to use it.
And apologies to the person who finally finds that tiny drill bit with their bare feet.
We really did try to find it!

Alright Blondie, I'm on my way to Iowa to pick you up and head to Keli's.
We'll drive around until we find another show.
I'll honk when I pull into your driveway...


That little crocheted owl! And that gorgeous painting... Actually all of it looks wonderful. The tricycle looks like an ornament I found on Ebay a while back. I think the maker might be Hallmark. Not sure though.

Jodi Hippler

Nice variety of wonderful minis! Can't wait to see how you use them! It is always so overwhelming to see so many awesome and unique minis in one place, and to be able to leave with no regrets and a semblance of a savings account still in tact. So much fun, though!


These buys make me SO happy!!!! I LOVE that marble toy. Thank you for the delicious eye candy!!!

Susan: I'm on the front porch with my suitcase. ;)


Nice!! My favorites are the mixer and bike.


Thanks for sharing all your finds! You got some great stuff. I'm loving Barbara Meyer's bugs :D

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