I got so much done!
landscaping done


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Wow! I've never seen anything like that one room full of twists and glass. Gorgeous.

Barbara W.

Did that ethereal piece begin life as frost fence? I am very much enjoying the progress of your new contest build. Such a wonderful idea!


I've never heard a chain link fence called a frost fence. How charming :)

Yes, that's exactly what the artist used. I always think it's great fun to find something commonplace and unattractive transformed into something glorious.

Nancy Enge

Oooooooh, stunning work! Thank you for sharing that with us.

Mad for Mod

Wow! That's so cool!


So beautiful!! And it really does look as if it would be therapeutic to spend some time there!

Betsy Rogers

Wow! What a fantastic installation/light-work! It really is beautiful and makes the whole space apart of the artwork! Thank you for sharing!

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