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run, squishy lizard, run

Busy, busy weekend

I went into my studio Saturday morning, and didn't come out until Sunday night.  Well, except for the necessities...I had to eat, sleep and pee.

My studio is trashed.  I went through my stash at least a half dozen times, and never put a box back on the shelf, I keep pushing forward on the build.


I wanted to finish, but only almost did.  That's okay, it means I have to paint two pictures and make some sketches during the week so that I can photograph next weekend.  I do have to photograph next weekend, because the weekend after is predicted to be full fall color. 

Oh!  I have to put paint stains on the dropcloth, too.  Don't let me forget.

While I'm on an aside...a big thank you to my best friend, text messaging, and instant feedback.  :)

After I'm done with photographs I need to make Susan's Halloween present, then back to passionflowers.  Shannon laser cut some pieces for me that I'm dying to try out.

I took absolutely zero pictures along the way this weekend, and made a couple of things from scratch (a journal and a birdfeeder).  If you want a tutorial on something I can make another, though neither was difficult and both have been done by others already, I'm sure.

Ready for bad background sneak peeks?



DSCN4178 (2)





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I love the view of the glue bottles out the window. For some reason it makes me feel better about my own crazy workspace!

Seriously though, love the jumble on the messy artist side and how clean the other artist looks in comparison. The bird feeder is awesome. I love how realistic the seed looks. Did you use a railroad sand for it? Or is it a mix of different things?

The garden gnome and the dragon(?) under the trailer look so cool. Like the dragon is trying to sneak up on the squirrel.


Love the sweater on the back of the chair, the water cooler, and all those personal little touches that make it so realistic!

I especially like that bird feeder, and appreciate how the squirrel looks "baffled", but am wondering wth is under the trailer??? Those little garden gnomes are terrifying enough, but when that isn't the scariest thing lurking, I have to ask... what is that?


It's a squishy lizard I picked up at the dollar store on a lark...just seeing if you guys are paying attention ;)


I used microbeads from my stash for the bird seed...six colors stirred together.


Man, I'm so pleased Susan asked the question. I it one of those inflatable crocodile swimming this some weird reference I don't understand. O~o I love the Big-Pringle-Little-Pringles =0) The whole build is gelling together beautifully with such lovely and carefully placed detail


Pepper, now I want to learn how to play an instrument so I can start a band named "Squishy Lizard".
Can't get that phrase out of my head....

Jodi Hippler

What a fun build this is! So much to look at! Where do you display all your builds, and what do you have planned next? Besides continuing the English Cottage Kitchen, I mean...


Let's see...I've got one house in the dining room, two in my bedroom, three in my studio. I've got a shelf lined up to hang in my bedroom for the mobile studio.

I've got a couple of things on the agenda when this is done, then I'll most likely build next year's contest kit.

Jodi Hippler

I have two finished projects in my bedroom which I don't like, but the puppy was able to get to them when they lived in the family room so I had to move them before he did more than pull out a couple bushes! The (unfinished) barn is on my long filing cabinet here in my workspace a.k.a. former dining and living room, and the beach house (almost finished) and the (unfinished) soap shop live on top of my drawer units. The contest kit is going to the local library when completed, but I really need to come up with better solutions for all my projects. Either that or I have to stop, and that's just not going to happen! I keep saying I'll just stick to small projects, but I get carried away! I think I may really be an addict!


It keeps us out of trouble (relatively), right?

Wow, you are very organised! And still with a few months til the competition is over! And it is looking so fantastic. It's so great when you are on a roll to be able to just keep mini-ing. I never get to do that. Actually, I think when my husband gets sent away for work during the summer, I might have a few solid mini days...

Mad for Mod

Your workroom looks a little more organized and cleaner than mine. I think that will be a weekend project. I love the bird feeder complete with squirrel guard! And that long hair cat on the table on the porch is gorgeous! Your details are great...squishy lizard and all!

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