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improved passionflowers

I love you guys. I got helpful suggestions via comments and email that have enabled me to greatly improve the passionflowers.

First suggestion...eyelash yarn, but it's probably too big.  I thought so too, but I had some in my stash, so why not find out. 


No, that doesn't work.  But, it made me think of false eyelashes, and there is a dollar store a block over, so, again, why not find out.


It looks really cool from the top, but too bulky from the side.  I'd have to cut the eyelashes off and glue them on individually, which I may do for a specimen flower.  


I also tried another suggestion with this one, which was to build the flower on a ball headed pin instead of using a bead.  Good idea, and it looks nice, but it's not as functional.

Next idea...and this one was a winner....use unraveled grosgrain ribbon for the corona.  Genius!


I also used smaller beads for the ovary and did a better job cutting the center of the stigma smaller.  These are much more to scale...look at them in comparison.


The ribbon will be more time consuming, of course, than the punched paper, but the payoff is worth it.  The petal count is off too, but nobody will notice, these look so much more realistic.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.  I'm so lucky to have you all.   I can't wait to see what Shannon is mailing me.  :)


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Oh man! Those look amazing. I think you're right, no one will notice the petal count is off when it looks so delicate and realistic. The head of the ball pin might work if you were able to take the pin out and use the hole for a slender florists wire. Some of the ball pins I use seem to come apart fairly easily.

So the bourbon wore off or you wrote this and posted it later? ;-)


I didn't have that much bourbon! Typed the blog post on my laptop, it's much easier than writing on my phone.


WOW!! Yes, those are SO beautiful and so much more realistic!

Hello. Didn't get your message. Did you send it to a gmail account? I ditched that one! If you could resend it to xxxxxxx that would be good! Then I can send you what I've got (which I haven't got cos my husband's parents came to visit and I didn't get time to cut the things out for you, but will do tomorrow!). Hope you had a nice weekend.

elizabeth slinn

Your new and improved passion flowers look Wonderful! Using the grosgrain ribbon is a Brilliant idea as it gives a delicacy and authenticity to the blossoms.
MOST impressive!


The unraveled grosgrain ribbon is brilliant. But it's also cool seeing all the variations.

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