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I finished the landscaping.  I purchased another packet of Silflor grass clumps and one of longer, Noch grass clumps



The Noch clumps are fantastic, they even cut in half easily.  This time the Silfor clumps were not very clump like.  I used them anyway, instead of sending them back, because I am impatient and wanted the landscape done.  I glued them over the areas with green flocking, as the flocking and not-clumps work better together than either does on its own.  (Just like me and Husband.)





You'll notice the rabbit hopped away.  I decided to use all my 'on the large side' miniatures in this piece, which includes three cats.  The cats make the rabbit look like a baby, so I'll save the rabbit to use in another project.

I do have a black squirrel that's on the large side but it doesn't seem to fit the rocky landscape, which isn't conducive to burying acorns in.  Perhaps if I put in a bird feeder...



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Oh my! It looks wonderful! A rabbit might not fit so well with this landscape unless it was going to hide under the little house. I've noticed they like bushes and really long grass to hide in.

The grass is wonderful, patchy and scraggly looking and the dandelions are the perfect touch. A nice pop of color and realism. Those darn things will grow anywhere won't they.


Really really nice landscaping!! And it looks like a perfect place for cats to hunt down mice and chipmunks, and only good for squirrels if you have corn in your birdfeeder. I'm looking forward to seeing the cats in place!

elizabeth slinn

I really like the way in which you have grouped the clumps together en masse which looks more real, as opposed to a polka dot application.
Love too the chain and what looks like a locking mechanism on the trailer hitch. Most impressive!

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