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improved passionflowers


I wanted to, as part of the Tropical Beach House build last year, make a passionflower vine, but the build was so complex I didn't leave myself much time to craft incidentals.

Since I am waiting for the last of the Mobile Studio items to arrive in the mail, I played with the passionflower, to satisfy my curiosity.

A copyright free botanical print, for reference...


My first, unsatisfactory, attempts...


I like the frilly corona in the middle flower, it's the most accurate, but it was a fiddly task to cut it by hand, and I need to produce multiple flowers for a vine.  For ease of manufacturing, so to speak, I decided to use only shapes which I could punch.  I may hand cut a corona for a single specimen flower, but I don't have patience to hand cut dozens of them at a time.  I did end up cutting petals off two of the punched shapes, but that is fast and easy.  Snip, snip.

This is where I ended up...


The little circles are the most important bits.  When I stacked two of the same flower shape atop each other I got a large round shape.  Using the little circles as spacers between them offset them enough to solve that problem.


The corona is too thick in my finished bloom, and the ovary too large, but I think I've replicated the feel of the flower well enough.  I have five petals, five sepals, a corona, five anthers, the ovary, and three stigmas.  I'm pleased with it, and it will be easy enough to predictably reproduce.  I will keep my eyes open for a punch that will work better for the corona every time I'm in a craft store, though.  I will most likely find one immediately after my vine is complete.  Smaller seed beads the right color would be useful as well.


Now I have to figure out buds, fruits, and leaves.


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Once again I am amazed! I would never in a million years think of this. Heck I'm still collecting punches that are in the appropriate size and shape.

I think your finished flower looks lovely, and very rarely do we focus in so tightly that we'd see the thickness differences.

elizabeth slinn

This is such a fiddly flower and there are so many to make for a vine but the finished sample is AMAZING!
The fact that you are WILLING to tackle this plant is Impressive in and of itself but that you have achieved such Wonderful results with an assortment of simple paper punches also just Blows me away!


Very nice!! They're a beautiful flower and you've captured it!
Did you try one with the green "pod" opening up underneath the flowering bits?


Isn't nature odd sometimes? :D What an interesting flower! Well done!


The green "pod" doesn't open up, it becomes a fruit.

Stay tuned, fruit will be part of the finished vine.


Oh, I get it now - maybe...
I thought the petals were a pod, or bud before they open, but after Googling, they're just petals, aren't they?

It just looks green bud-ish to me on the flowers with green blooms:

Just going to be quiet and patient here, because you know how patient I am!


Keli, I might be able to help you out. What diameter does the fluffy bit, anther and stigma have to be?


The fluffy corona is 1 cm across, the anther and stigma about half that.


Hi again. I have designed some parts that may be of use. If you send me your snail mail address, I will send them to you (I probably had it from when you sent me the tiny owl). They may not be what you are after, but may help? I can send some photos if you want. I'll just cut them from green printer paper if that suits.


I sent you my address, you sweet woman, you. :)

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