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I've already made up my mind, based on the pics, but I want to hear your thoughts.  These are just quick put-togethers, neither is a detailed finished look, it's done just enough to get my ideas on paper, so to speak.

Concept One:  Everything in black and white (basically), with the only color being a brightly painted picture on the easel.



Concept Two:  A tidy artist and a messy artist sharing the same space.  You have to imagine there is a second easel in front of the white chair.   





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I love the messy artist corner so my vote is for the 2 artists. That's such a funny idea (though not for the neat artist).


Messy messy messy!!!

So much life in the messy version, while the b&w looks too stark.

Did you make that trunk? Love it, and the fluffy gray kitty, too!!


I did not make the trunk, I picked it up in Chicago last April.


The Odd Couple!!! It sounds like fun, and Susan is right, the black and white setup is too stark.


I think the b/w concept can get lost (I don't know how to explain it - maybe it won't be too obvious and the space would just look sad?).

There is something very appealing to me about recreating messes, because they look more real. I think it's more challenging (and interesting!) to recreate a well-lived space than a staged one. So, in short, I love the two artists shared space!


I absolutely love the idea of the two artists sharing the space. Oscar & Felix. Love the watercooler and the cupboard looks wonderful in the space. The paper inside the cabinets really makes it pop against the walls.

The drop cloth looks perfect too...though if its for your messy artist you might want to spill some paint on it.

Kitty is so pretty and fluffy! Love how she's standing on the porch rail.

Is she the nod to Susan's gratuitous cat picture?


Lol about picking up the trunk at the show!

I really do kind of remember, now that you reminded me. :D


It's an oil, not a watercolor, Mike, who I bought the easels from, painted it. It's gorgeous!

The drop cloth will definitely get some paint on it :)

I hadn't thought about Sergi being Susan's gratuitous cat picture, but sure, why not?

I agree - messy vs clean artist. I think you already have colour on the outside, being the landscaping and the colourful artist supplies makes it more interesting. To me, anyway.


I like the "messy" idea (and its realization). But does this really need a neat artist to set it off? It's a bit unbalanced, this way: the neat counterpart seems to lose out, you don't really see much of him and his side of things.
That said: the black & white version seems pretty stark. Well put together, but stark.


I like the concept of the black and white room with a colored canvass, but don't think this is correct medium for it. Perhaps it would be a good subject for a painting.

The pair of painters works better.

elizabeth slinn


Jodi Hippler

My husband has been known to say something like "opinions are like *bleep* holes - everyone's got them and they all stink". I'm not sure this is the case with miniatures because the whole community is so creative, and you asked. But you asking how to decorate or choose the theme is like Michelangelo asking what colors he should use on the Sistine Chapel.. You have amazing ideas and the right one will come to you as soon as you stop thinking about it!


I'm opting for messy, purely for the reason that all of the details and objects tell a story about the artists and the process for painting a picture. =0)

Betsy Rogers

I really like the shared spaces concept. Much more dynamic! Maybe they should have a "line" drawn down the middle of the room to separate their territory like my sister and I needed as children! LOL! I can't wait to see how you put it together. So far you have a great stash of paints and supplies! And I am drooling over your easels! (Been meaning to try to build one for ages!)

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