the easels are no longer empty

Honestly, I don't know what I was so worked up about.  The unfinished landscape was relaxing and enjoyable.  The abstract was more challenging; I painted a few but nothing worked...then I realized the artist wasn't painting yet, he was still drawing.

I am concerned, though, that the drawing is too....I can't find the right word...compact, small, dense...that there isn't enough white space between the lines, so that viewed from further than a couple of inches away it's going to look like a smear.  Husband agrees with that, he said it looks like a fingerprint. 

Then I thought, maybe that's how it should be seen from further away, then will come into focus, so to speak, when looked at through the window.



Sigh.  Now that I've loaded photos I have the answer.  I need a new sketch.

Here's a close up, so you don't have to squint...


I also painted the messy artist's easel and dirtied up her drop cloth.  I didn't want to go overboard on the drop cloth...she's not a slapdash painter, just too busy to be bothered with straightening up.

DSCN4223 (1)

You've noticed the sconce is done....


Boy, was I glad I used matboard strips for the exterior siding, instead of wood strips.  I had to remove a section of three of them to install the wiring and battery concealment contraption.


Today I have to make a new sketch, glue the remaining items in place, glue the cement blocks together, and fuss with the candles in the chandeliers.  I also have to clean my house, it's a pig sty, and I have guests coming to visit tomorrow morning.


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I think you might be able to use the same drawing if you made some lines thicker and bolder. That could give it more definition from a distance without starting all over. You just need something to make it stand out.

Love how the sconce looks. And the fan/vent at the back of the trailer is perfect.


This reminds me of two Louise Penny book characters -- a married couple who are both artists, one neat and precise and the other flighty and expressive. :D It's a fun concept, and who wouldn't love to have a studio like this?


Peter and Clara. They hadn't occurred to me. That's funny.


I like the drawing Keli, but at the end of the day, it is up to you. If you don't like it, then you should change it to something that you do like. Love what you've done with the drop cloth, so realistic. Great work!


I'm with Matt on the sketch - it looks like a fingerprint, maybe because it's centered?
Not bad, though, but maybe if there were more edge stuff, spread out more?
Like you need my opinion...

Going to look at newer blog posts to see if you changed it.

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