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tutorial day

The paint tubes Mike sent me are wonderful, with their perfect little labels, and perfect little caps.  I want some that have been used and abused, but am not going to squish Mike's.  I used Rosanna's paint tube tutorial to make some of my own.


Mike's are on the left, mine are on the right.  I also made a couple of bigger tubes and a can of turpentine.  My printer is on the fritz, so I cut out labels from a Euro Mini's sheet instead of making my own.  I used cigar labels for the paint tubes, because I am never in a million years going to make mini cigars.

I also labeled a few can blanks from my stash, for shelf filler.  I put black paint around the top of one, I may or may not give other cans that detail, if needed.


I also spent a few hours yesterday with Annie Christensen's echeveria tutorial


I had time to play while I was waiting for the next step of the interior of the house to dry.  It takes a lot of pins to 'bunch up' fabric in scale....though probably not as many as I used.




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Wow! You got a lot done this weekend. I'm constantly amazed at your level of creativity and skill. Can't wait to see the inside of this little house!


Wow! Your paint tubes and cans are very realistic! I shouldn't be surprised, but your skill level still amazes me. And I can't wait to see what the pin porcupine turns out to be. And echeveria? Going to Google now... Any updates on your Dad, now that he's home?


Dad is doing great :)

elizabeth slinn

Hi Keli!

Thank you for showing the results of your various endeavors! I think that your mangled paint tubes are so appropriate for what you are intending and so is you can of turps!
The echeverias look Wonderful especially en masse, and I think that Annie's tutorial for making them is one of the BEST! I have used it before too, and loved the results!
The drape is buried by a plethora of pins but I KNOW that every one of them will have been well placed once the metal is lifted and the fabric is finally unveiled .
Well done on EVERYTHING! :))


Everything is looking amazing! And I think you might have been a porcupine in a past life with all those pins!

Betsy Rogers

Yours look wonderful! I have been thinking about that tutorial for a long time! Thank you for bringing it back to the foreground, so to speak! LOL! I have been wanting to make some myself....... need to assemble the parts....! I am looking forward to seeing your studio...!!!


I'm just catching up after a long Summer without Blogging/reading Blogs but I have to say I've been eagerly popping in to see your updates. I had an idea ages ago about making a food trailer and you've saved me hours trying to suss out how to do the frame.
Love your idea of a mobile home and the landscaping looks fab! =0)


LOL...I contemplated making this a food truck.

I was just thinking yesterday that I should send you an email to see where you'd gone off to. I'm glad to see you back!

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