passionflowers redux


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It looks beautiful, and the fall colours and light set it off perfectly.

But I think something crawled in off the water....I'd be wary if I were those cats.

Mad for Mod

What a perfect back drop for your tiny mobile art studio! Look out for the leaf peepers!


Squishy lizard is having a good time? I still love the sweater on the back of the chair.

Now I'm homesick for fall colors. We don't have any yet.

Nancy Enge

So very wonderful, Keli! Personally, I cannot even imagine sharing a studio space, but your inhabitants seem to be quite good friends. And tolerant of *others* as well.




That's us!
I'm the slob and you're the neatnick perfectionist - you get more accomplished but not as much as you could if you didn't get sidetracked with funny projects that make me laugh.
This is exactly how it would look if we shared a space.

Your pre-painting sketch is still making me laugh - one of my favorite parts of this whole piece, along with all the available water to drink and cats to pet.

This. This. THIS!
Really is amazing.
You are top shelf, my dear friend!


Ah, so relaxing! It looks fabulous in the great outdoors! :]


Wow, what a beautiful backdrop. Photos in natural light always look fab. Love it =0)

Amazing scenery Keli, and your studio looks right at home. What an amazing view, although if it was real life, I doubt I'd get much painting done! Wish we had forests of colour in autumn. Well, colour other than green of course. And love the kitties playing and the goird birdhouse!


I keep coming back and looking at your pictures... So pretty.

Now I want to find a little sweater.

Jodi Hippler

OMG! Just beautiful! Love the scenery through the windows!


If you don't know better... you think it's real! How beautiful this is...
groetjes van Marijke

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