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I am so envious of your ability to find the perfect place to take your pictures. It looks perfect there! Love how your landscaping blends in with the ground and you have the lake in the background like the artists have gone to the shore for the weekend.

Gorgeous. It looks absolutely wonderful.

Jodi Hippler

All photos = awesome!!! That store is just ridiculously perfect! I just got a million ideas for my Brimbles kit! Thank you! The mobile artists seem to have found a beautiful spot and a wealth of inspiration! There is no obvious seam with your landscaping and the natural surroundings! The cloudy skies seem apropos with the color scheme, too! Great job, Keli!

John Brett

Not only did you pick the perfect place for this shot...but the perfect time as well. Matching the colours of the sky with the colours of your trailer take this over the top!

And thank you for the inspirational country store and vineyard shots as well.

You are so giving. Thank you!


You guys give me more credit than I deserve. Matching the color of the sky to the trailer was totally coincidental. It rained on and off all day, with periods of light mist in between. It was not a good day to take pictures, but I had to because I wanted green trees, and next weekend the trees won't be green anymore. I am going to take it back out for some fall color photos too, because, why not?

I wanted to shoot pictures with a vineyard backdrop, but most of them were draped in netting to protect the grapes from the birds. Good for the harvest, but not photogenic.

This year I didn't want a lake in the background, but it's hard to find a public area with rolling field vistas. We stopped where we did because there was an empty pavilion to protect the house if it started to rain.

I've got a lot of photos to sort through this week.

C. Blake LeapHart

Wow! This looks amazing! I can't wait to see more!!!


I totally agree with Christopher! More pictures please.


You picked the perfect spot Keli, it looks amazing and perfectly at home =0) Looking forward to seeing all of the photos


Your two artists are probably happy that you had to use the lake in the background - who wouldn't want to park there and be inspired??

I'm going to want to see this spot when we come up next spring, and that store, for sure.

And Ester - I was missing my grat cat pics! <3


We definitely will, it's a beautiful drive!

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