Charlene's drawing room
Charlene's kitchen

Charlene's cabin

The wires on this one have broken away from the power supply and need to be fixed as well, so I can't light this one up either.

All of Charlene's builds have plexiglass screwed to the open side to keep them clean (smart!).  This one must have had the plexiglass installed some time after the build, because it required some dusting inside before I got the camera out.  I forgot to dust the exterior before I took the pictures though.











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That tackle box is amazing with its bits and bobs. :D I swear I've seen that old sofa somewhere in real life.


I love the room as a whole, but I think my favorite is the old rifle with the powder horn hanging from it still. At least I think that's what it is. My imagination is probably filling in my the deficiency in my eyes.

Ah dust...the bane of miniaturists everywhere.


This room is precious! I keep seeing new things every time I look at it.

Love the can of beer and the cheeseburger on the table - a man gets hungry when he's fly casting!
And he's a gentleman to be brushing his teeth, even when there are probably no ladies around to impress.
On a whole, this room is very touching and personal.
Love that sweet little coffee pot, too!

Jodi Hippler

There are so many elements in this roombox that I have seen many times in my uncle Ted and Wayne's hunting cabin - even the hat hanging from the antler (though they had more than one)! What wonderful detail! One can see Charlene's personality coming through! I'll bet she was a kick in the pants! Billy the bass and the deer's freaked out expression crack me up!

A Bouwman

Love the details like the hat hanging on the antlers. It is a lovely room. Greetings

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