Charlene's legacy, or John's gift...part two
Charlene's cabin


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Oh wow. I'm in love with that pianoforte/harpsichord. The whole room is beautiful but I think that's my favorite piece. The wood is just beautiful.


I love the way you're assembling things to recreate Charlene's original vision of the rooms!

It's so sad to think that one day...
Well, one day I hope that someone loves my collections and treats them as reverently as you are treating hers.

I love this room - everything about that fireplace, and the painting. Do you have any idea on the artist's name? Wonder if it was Charlene, herself?
And that small chest. Stunning!


Some of the pieces were signed by the artists, some weren't. I'll get in there with a magnifying glass this evening to see if I can find a signature.


I love so many of the pieces in this room. What a treasure! :D I'd totally sip tea in there with you (until we moved on to the Scotch, that is). I'm pretty sure the clock in back is an HoM kit -- love the colors.



elizabeth s

It is a really Beautiful room and you have arranged it Beautifully, Keli! Charlene would be so proud that her work has been taken over by someone who cares for and fully appreciates it.
It is a very warm drawing room and I admire the look of the shutters on the inside of the space rather than curtains, yet there is still a quiet softness in the atmosphere despite the many hard surfaces. She certainly had good taste and very good sense of style and I think that you are One Lucky Bug! :))


What a lovely legacy and how thougtful of Charlene's son to pass her miniatures onto someone who would care for them. :0) I think you're the perfect Caretaker

Charlene had lovely taste and a great eye for detail and placement. It's so great that her son cared enough to seek out appreciative owner/s and that you are taking the time and care to honour both of them. And thanks for the eye candy!

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