Charlene's cabin
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Charlene's kitchen

Yay!  The lights work!  All but one is lit, hopefully the one that didn't only needs a new bulb.

This structure needs some repair....the walls let loose from the base and many of the roof tiles are no longer attached.   I don't have room to keep this building, but I'll find a good home for it after I fix it.









A note about wax versus putty (blu-tack, or similar)...

This room was the most difficult to reassemble because several things flew around the room during the move.  The pieces you see in the room remained there because they were put down with wax.  The pieces you see on the table were put down with blu-tack.


The brittle blu-tack was difficult to clean off, and left stains on the wood furniture.  This gorgeous cabinet is going to need to be refinished if I can't figure out how to get the rest of the putty residue off without damaging the piece further.


Wax, on the other hand, wipes right off everything with no damage and holds its consistency and effectiveness over time.  If you use putty in your builds, please stop.  Buy some wax.




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Yeesh... yeah I don't like that blue stuff. If you put it under something clear glass it immediately looks blue, instead of like glass.

I do love those little canning jars though. The whole room is nicely done. It's interesting that there's an Aga stove and a wall stove/heater in the room.


That poor cabinet! Is there anything oil-based you can use to finish cleaning it? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to listen to Charlene's thoughts and memories on her builds? I've been missing my Mom so much with the holidays coming, and your posts have made me so wistful...


I've had luck with blue tack and wax residence coming off with rubbing alcohol. I used the little wipes. It took a bit of rubbing, but it also didn't remove any paint or clear coating.


I used a citrus based cleaner to get all the residue off. I'm left with stains, though. Still thinking.


Toothpaste on wood! I've done it before with stains. Small ones on my real life stuff. It's a crap shoot if it will work. Google it!


I'll try it!


I think this one is my favorite so far.


Kat is right. Toothpaste will work really well. I've used it on RL stuff before... sometimes it'll take off the polish or wax but you can easily add that back. Toothpaste is awesome to clean a shower or sink with too. Whole bathroom smells like mint but that stuff will take off grime like nobody's business.


Really?!? I had no idea.


Worked as a maid for a while. Cheap toothpaste is awesome. It's even good for scrubbing the toilet.

Nancy Enge

Such a legacy! How wonderful of you to take it on and share it with us. Proud to claim the lineage of miniaturist.

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