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Charlene's legacy, or John's gift...part two

Charlene's legacy, or John's gift...part one

...I'm not quite sure what to title this.

I brought everything in the house, piled it in my dining room, and started to sort through it.  I cried a little.  It's all so heartwarming, and so beautiful, and so overwhelming.   There are seven rooms in five structures (one structure is a three room tower), a box of stash goodies, and a box of supplies.

How I'm going to approach sharing this, I've decided, is to reassemble each room as close as I can to how Charlene finished it, using pictures taken before the rooms were moved and  the furniture and accessories slid all over.  I'll compose one blog post per room, to share, honor, and appreciate Charlene's passion for miniatures with all of you.  Then I need to give adequate thought to what to do with everything.

Let's start with the contents of the boxes, since everything is now spread out on a table in my studio and needs to be taken care of before I can move a room there.

DSCN4387 (2)


The table is hand painted...beautiful artist's signature...there are also three hand painted plates to match, one in the center of the table and two to follow in another picture.

I had no idea what that funny looking thing front and center is, Susan told me it's a cranberry scoop. 


Speaking of not knowing what something is...what's this?


There's an eye hook on the back...or what I'm assuming is the back...

DSCN4390 (2)

The inside isn't finished, is it just part of a piece and not the whole piece, do you think?




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I can't tell for sure, but the half moon table looks like it could be some sort of sifter or funnel. If there's a cranberry scoop maybe this is some type of sorting table for them? Dump the cranberries in it and any water drains out the hole so you can sort through the berries? I read cranberries grow in a bog...I think.

Feeling more clueless than usual this morning. Wish I was more help.


I hadn't thought of that. We'll have to see if it rings any bells with Susan's boggy husband ;)


These are wonderful pieces. It's so New England, for sure. :D I love the bird especially.


Now I can't wait until John gets home to ask if he recognizes that sorter-thingie!
He grew up next to some bogs and while midwesterners build lamps in high school shop class, Cape Codders build cranberry scoops. We used his for years in our bathroom as a magazine rack and then passed it down to oldest daughter.
They flood the cranberry fields at harvest time and the cranberries float, so are scooped up.

LOVE that child's horsie rocker! There are so many sweet things in just this bunch!


Rotten doesn't recognize the table at all and we did all kinds of Google searches but didn't find anything close. Lots of very New-Englandy stuff in there, so maybe they saw one and copied it in miniature?

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