Charlene's legacy, or John's gift...part one
Charlene's drawing room


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Wow! That's a lot of stuff... Half of it I recognize and the rest I have no idea. I'm just amazed still.


Yes, fabulous items - some great unique things there. :]


I hope that his parents are still here to hear about the wonderful home he found for their treasures!

Jodi Hippler

Charlene collected some excellent minis and supplies! I often look at all I've collected and wonder... If I passed would anyone know just how precious these things are. I know you do, and I imagine Charlene knows that they have found their way to exactly the right person.


Charlene, and her husband, passed a few years ago.

elizabeth s

Hi Again Keli!
You have inherited a lovely assortment of accessories which I know you will be putting to good use. The box of china looks to be from Avon and Kaiser, but what are the 2 wooden frames with the metal eye
pins? Can't figure that out.


The blue plates are Avon, not sure about the others.

I think the wooden things are racks to hang herbs from, but I'm not positive.

Nancy Enge

What a gift, what treasures bestowed. You are truly blessed in our lineage.

Ellen Crawford

The Blue and White dishes do appear to be hand painted porcelain by Avon (an English Company), be proud of those!

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