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Charlene's tower

None of the furniture and only some of the accessories were tacked down in the tower.  I discovered that when we tipped the house to carry it and all the furniture slid to the back and a few things fell out the open windows, which I didn't realize were open until then.  Fortunately there was no breakage.

Because nothing was tacked down, and because the accessories are few, in comparison to Charlene's other rooms, I think this was the last piece she was working on, and didn't finish.  Also, the vanity says "J Larsen, 1996" on the bottom, and pieces in the other rooms were dated in the 80s.











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I can't get over the detail on the chairs and secretary on the second floor. And I love the wallpaper panels on the third floor.


You can tell all the thought and personality she put into her scenes. Simply lovely work. :]


Oh, again, she had excellent taste!!

The furniture is all wonderful - the best of all the pieces, I think. And the lady of the house's face is very sweet.
Charlene especially knew how to treat a fireplace! Those paintings over the fireplace are so nice, and the grate? or whatever you call it - the part that holds the burning wood, is so well done on all of her fireplaces that you've shown so far.

Her work makes me think that she found a lot of joy in creating tiny places for tiny people!


I'm amazed by Charlene's legacy, all the little perfect pieces that decorate her dollhouses are gorgeous. Thank you so much for all the pictures, showing my husband all the tools, even he is amazed! It would have been so great to hear all the little stories that go with each scene she created!

elizabeth s

Hi Keli! This is a charming little house! The doll is really lovely with an interesting pose, pretty costume and sweet face.
I will hazard a guess that the chandelier in the parlor is one by Phyllis Tucker and perhaps the one in the boudoir as well.
All in all the individual and collective scenes on each level are a pleasure to see as Charlene had both a discerning eye and a delightful style!

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