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day one, first regrets

I started the painting prep work.  After I'd gotten too far along to turn back it occurred to me that it would have been cleaner and easier to color the pieces with marker, especially the trim pieces.


A few of the pieces have damaged spots on the siding.  I thought about cutting out and piecing in new clapboard on the tower but everything is so fragile that I didn't want to risk it.  I left it alone with hope that it won't be too obvious in the end.


I got the floor pieces stained and the base assembled.  I wasn't careful enough curving the base piece that wraps under the porch and broke it in several places.  It's a bit wonky now, but landscaping will hide that.


I also messed up the tower roof assembly.  I put it together carefully and correctly, it must have come out of shape when I wrapped rubber bands around it to hold it in place while the glue dried.  Thankfully it's not too out of shape that some sanding can't fix it.


I would like to blame all this on being in great pain, but my dental surgery wasn't until the afternoon, all the work on the kit was pre-op.

The surgery went well, better than the one for the first implant.  I'm in a lot of pain today, but it will pass eventually. 



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Barbara W.

You're doing a great job as always! I have a 1/144 mansion waiting to be filled with furniture, but it's beyond me at the moment as it gets dark now at 4 p.m. and my eyes are not what they were. I hope you feel better soon!


Wow! I'm amazed at the level of detail and very curious to see how this goes for you. Did you have to prime the wood before painting? I'd be terrified of sanding anything that small.

I see lots of jello in your future. And macaroni and cheese after its cooled down. Hope you feel better soon.

Nancy Enge

Ugh, face pain. So tender and primal :(
Your progress looks orderly and good. Even attempting one of these crazymakers is admirable. (I made one of these houses —the one that looks like Auntie Em’s house— and it was enough for me to add it the list of “Tried It Once; Never Again”
Best wishes for its completion and your recovery, dear.

elizabeth s

Sorry that you are in so much pain right now Keli but I know from experience that it is usually the day after when it hurts the most, so take it easy on yourself.


That is a lot of detailed work. Make sure you rest! Or done something fun like sift through your minis and reorganize them. Less mentally taxing when your head is throbbing.

But I know the could be half dead but can't sit still!

Jodi Hippler

I am reminded of my own nightmare dental surgery ordeal that, from start to all better was seven weeks of hell! No pain meds (vicodin), however many I took, would touch my pain. Had to go in to get daily pain shots right near my tooth. I feel for you - hope your recovery goes so much better than my failed root canal followed by dry socket followed by implant! Feel better!


Oj, Jodi, that sounds horrible!

My surgery went well, I'm managing the pain with ibuprofen.

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