Charlene's tower
my Halloween present

Keli's miniature repair shop


Starting with the clamped table, moving clockwise....

The light colored table had been repaired before, but not properly.  I sanded two layers of dried glue off, re-glued, and clamped it.

The long, dark table...well...I dropped it.  Half the legs and apron pieces flew off.  Thankfully it only came apart at glued points, so was an easy fix.

When I picked up the half-moon table the drawer fell out and the front came off the drawer.  Obviously, I hadn't realized there was a drawer.  I sanded the old glue off and re-glued.  When it's dry I'll put some knobs or pulls on the drawer so that it is obvious the table has one.

The clock had wooden finials on the top corners, one of which came off.  Because the surface area to reattach it was so small, I snapped the other finial off, then removed the glue residue.  I also had to put a wee bit of E6000 on the bottom of the metal door pull and push it back into its hole.

The candle wreath had a couple of pieces of lycopodium that needed to be re-attached with a dab of tacky glue. Easy peasy.

The floral arrangement is beyond repair.  The flowers had fallen out and were all over the floor of the drawing room; I propped them into place when I took pictures.  I will use the flowers to make a new arrangement in a vase, and add leaves to what is left of the base to make a new plant.

The sofa....the poor sofa.  As you can see, all the glue let loose and the poor thing is in pieces.  It is obvious repairs had been attempted before, unsuccessfully.  It was in place in the room cleverly held together with scotch tape and tacky wax.  I will reassemble this sofa, but it won't be the same color when I'm done, as sanding off the layers of glue and removing tape residue will ruin the finish in enough spots that it will need to be painted.

The birdcage needed to be re-glued on one side.  After the glue has cured I need to touch up the paint in spots.

All in all, for the number of pieces that were moved, in place in the rooms, from John's house to mine, the number of repairs needed is minimal.



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Oh poor little sofa. At least you're able to repair it and give it new life.

Can't wait to see how everything looks once it's all back together again.


I would have expected much more damage, with things sliding around and falling out of the tower windows!

I'm looking forward to seeing the couch when it's finished!

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