passionflowers redux
eeny weeny ink pen

Susan's Halloween present done

 More specimen plants under glass...


Taxidermy songbirds (birds by Barbara Meyer)...



I could keep going, and I probably will, I want to make some books for her zillion bookcases, but since it's November already it's past time to pack up and mail Susan's October box....just need to run to the grocery for a big bag of dried cherries...and maybe to Kilwin's for some fudge.

Since I couldn't come up with anything Halloweenish this year I made stuff for Susan's mini botanist's mini study and/or her mini conservatory....


Oh, I never showed you guys the journal....


Ester says "BOO!"




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Wow! That's awesome... Now I want Susan to send us pictures so we can see everything in place!

I love that journal, and your little terrariums look wonderful.



(And who doesn't love plants that require no water or maintenance)


Awesome!! :D

Ester looks like me at the eye doctor last week. haaaaaa


Wow! Wow! Wow!
Everything looks amazing - as usual.
Especially love the journal.
Nice job

elizabeth s

I am sure that Susan will be THRILLED with all of the BEAUTIFUL things which you have made to send to her! And I think that you should send her a tiny fountain pen too Keli, so that she can continue to make entries in her Wonderful mini journal!


That is a wonderful idea!


Oh, you just made me cry!!

I love every single piece of it - my tiny botanist will be so happy, too!
Love the "under glass" plants and that tiny pot that Venus is in is so perfect!
And that journal - LOVE, and you know that Rotten is going to be especially fond of that, too!

And Ester - I needed that picture so much.
Just got back from going to vote, and I had to get ice cream to even make a dent in how I feel about it, but Ester's face is even better than the ice cream!

I laughed after I sent you those drawer photos in text, because the pieces of your Hallo gift are on there, waiting on me. I don't think you can see what any of it is, but not because I was being careful about it - just dumb luck.
The rate I'm going, I'll have to put a button Christmas tree in there, too.


I know what you mean, this election has made me sick to my stomach for months.

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