day one, first regrets
Charlene's legacy, or John's gift...part one

Today's adventure

I received a phone call today from a gentleman named John, who saw the article in the local newspaper a few months ago about my winning last year's Creatin' Contest.  He was in possession of several miniatures that were his mother's, he is moving, and would like the miniatures to go to a good home.  I drove over, loaded up Husband's Jeep, and brought it all home.  More pictures to follow as I sort through everything.




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Oh my. Do you feel like you are dreaming?
Do things like this happen in real life??


Lucky you!! And he couldn't have found a better home for his treasure than with you!


On one hand it is like Christmas and my birthday and winning the lottery all at once.

On the other hand, I feel great respect for Charlene's (his mother) work, and am overwhelmed with a feeling of duty to treat each piece with care and reverence.


That's so great that he thought of you and now you get to use and take care of those miniatures. Can't wait to see more of them.

How're you feeling by the way?


My mouth is still sore and the antibiotics make me sick to my stomach. I'm hanging in there, though.


Omg. I wish I lived closer so I could come over and stare at these. What an amazing gift

I think minis are the best cure for teeth and feeling craptacular.

Make sure you double down on some probiotics when you finish your antibiotics. Restore all the good flora inside that the antibiotics took out! And eat when you take those antibiotics to help out with the nausea.....or chug Ensure.


Kat's right. If you can stand it, take the antibiotics with food. Yogurt is one of the best. It'll help cut down on the nausea and other delightful symptoms. The other thing is maybe rice or noodles...something to cushion the blow as it were.


I am most definitely taking the antibiotics with food. I didn't last Friday, before lunch, and it was like I'd swallowed burning hot charcoal briquets. It took me hours to get over. I won't repeat that mistake.

elizabeth s

Hi Keli! I think that it is Marvelous that you have been entrusted with John's mother's miniatures. They couldn't have gone to a better home! :D


How wonderful that he sought you out, to keep his mother's things in the miniaturist family. I can't imagine someone that would appreciate that more than you.


Not sure what else to say!!
Been looking over all the pieces. Such a great gift you were given.

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