Charlene's kitchen
Charlene's tower

Willum's Work Shop

DSCN4490 (2)

Charlene must have loved her husband, William, very, very much; there are some wonderful tools in his mini work shop.  I can tell each piece was selected with great care.  It was his Christmas present in 1982.  In 1982 I was in the eighth grade.  I can't help but wonder what it would have been like to meet Charlene then, to have her teach me what she knew.





The dog and cat are lesser quality miniatures than anything else in her collection, so I suspect they have special significance...perhaps they replicate family pets or were made for her by a loved one.

I am fascinated with this workshop.  I love good tools, even in miniature.


Many of the tools function.  I kept gasping with glee, then running out to the living room, one tool at a time, to show Husband.



He yelled "ouch!" when I tested a saw on his arm.  The blades had to have been cut down from real ones.


Look at this perfect, tiny, perfect little hammer.  Swoon.

DSCN4482 (2)

The rifles are spectacular as well.  They aren't my cup of tea, though, so after I admired their craftsmanship and stroked them a few times I boxed them up to re-home in Susan's mini mansion.  I texted her pictures and could hear her peals of joy even though it wasn't a voice call.


The bolt action works!  Incredible!





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OMG those tools! Love those! And those lanterns. They're gorgeous. I can't get over those clamps!


Those tools are incredible!!
The anvil - ohmygoodness!!
And that pipe wrench! And the saws - so realistic!
And yes, that beautiful little hammer! The clamps!
And I'm laughing out loud at the thought of you scratching poor Matt's arm to show him how amazing the saws are. LOL!
Love that little wood stove and the wood box, so Willum stayed warm while he worked.
What a sweet and thoughtful gift she made for him.

And those rifles! Yum! I do love tools, but they are a close second to a well-made gun of any kind.
I grew up in a family of hunters and yes, we ate everything that they shot.
And my Dad had a gun rack very much like that one hanging on the wall in my parent's bedroom, with very similar wood-stock rifles.
Hillbillies, yep!

I'm going to love having them, and appreciate the sentiment behind them, both in the gift that Charlene made for her loved one and the friendship that allows you to share them with me!


This room speaks to me as well. You are so right about well crafted mini tools. :D

Betsy Rogers

OOOOOHHHH Tools!!!! I guess we all have a soft spot for the tiny things that actually work! But tools are extra special because we need them to Make things... even little things! What a wonderful collection of minis! Thank you for sharing these pics... every time I see really great minis, I want to improve my own abilities and collection! It's great to know there are such wonders out there!


Holy smokes those are neat! I have zero clue how these amazing working tools are made. Some days I have a tough time trying to drive a pin into a door hinge, let alone have the skill to make a real saw!. Such amazing work.

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