Keli's miniature repair shop
new residents


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I love it, too! :D That's super cute!


Okay that is majorly cool! Love the ghost popping out there!


I'm glad you like it!
Hate that it took me so long to get it to you, and even then it was because Rotten wrapped and shipped it out.
I'm such a terrible procrastinator!

Btw, was talking to youngest son last night, who is heading into finals week at Valpo, and he said he was going to start studying right after "one more" episode of the show he's binging on right now.
So the procrastination is genetic, I'm sure... :D


I'm binge watching Downton Abbey right now.....skipped my morning workout so I could sneak in an episode before I went to the office.


Downtown Abbey - that's the show where no one ever dies, right? ;)


Are you picking on me?

You're picking on me.



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