my Halloween present
Squishy Lizard does not like the new neighbors

new residents

A family has moved into the half scale Chantilly.


I've not finished that house though, the kitchen is bare, and it's been neglected so long it's filled with dust.  They decided to vacation in the Tropical Beach House while I put the Chantilly back on my work table.


Mom didn't take too kindly to my playing paparazzi...


They are from the Pose Skeleton set, by Re-ment, available lots of places (I got them from Amazon).



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Now that is funny!!




Oh my gosh, LOVE them!!! They look like they're having a good vacay while waiting on their home to be finished!


LOL I love the puppy! And I'd watch out for Mom... she looks like she'll enact some form of revenge. But if you can manage to sneak in some more pictures that'd be awesome.


You made my day! I was looking at those pose skeleton dolls on eBay for about a year now, but I didn't know what they would look like in 1:12. Awesome!

There are some fun Flickr accounts with them too.


:D Super fun! I've seen these around and wondered how they would relate in scale.

Jodi Hippler

Building a home for them would be so liberating! Don't need a kitchen - They don't have any stomachs! Don't need a laundry room - They don't wear any clothes! Only need a hose in the bathroom - they just have to rinse every so often!

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