Nancy's basket
gratuitous cat picture

playing with the 2017 Creatin' Contest kit

This kit has me flummoxed.  I have turned it every which way, rearranged where all the doors and windows go, tried dozens of possible furniture layouts....


Nope.  Not this way either.  Nothing has grabbed my attention yet. 

I cleaned my studio, unpacking mini furniture from stashed boxes and moving it all to the shallow shelves in the corner.  It will get dusty here, but at least I can see what I've got.  I'm certain I missed a box of HOM kits though, I'll have to dig deeper into my closet.


The kit will continue to sit on the table in the other corner, where I can keep playing with it until inspiration strikes.  I'll be patient.




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Hi there! Wow, I could not yet finish the 2016 contest kit yet and there you already go with the new one! You did an amazing job with the last one and I'm already curious about what you will do with this new one! For me it was really hard to find a way to work with the bungalow last year, but then finally a sunny Sunday afternoon with a cup of hot coffee I got inspired. Seeing all your previous projects, I'm sure it will be great! Happy Sunday!


In all fairness the layout of this one is a bit odd. And anywhere you put a bathroom you either need removable walls for picture taking purposes or you just don't see the bathroom in the build. I'm still trying to figure that part out.


The office/studio looks great though! I'm jealous of your ability to store furniture on an open shelf and still have it be safe from Cat! depredation.


The bathroom...exactly. I hadn't thought of a removable wall. I was thinking I'd finish that room first, photograph it, then glue the walls in place.

I'd like to brag that Ester is a good kitty, but honestly, she just doesn't care about my minis.


When I see that wee little bathroom my first thought was a wet room. Maybe I watch too much HGTV. The whole room is a "shower" with the toilet and sink to the side. Maybe a little partition to keep a sink/toilet from getting soaked. It would eliminate the big tub at the very least!

I looooove the furniture on display. I wish I had space for that. Who doesn't love staring at their mini furniture!

Barbara W.

Your studio looks like Aladdin's cave full of treasure! I especially like the purple shelves. The new kit reminds me of a local funky bistro with murals on the walls (and a tequila bar).

Betsy Rogers

What a wonderful studio! It must be nice to have the shelf space to put all the furniture on view.... My problem is that the minute I get a piece of furniture I want it In a House..... must be why I've started so many Houses! LOL! Still hoping that eventually it will all "come together" into completed projects! Hah! (I do Dream!) I can see your problem with the new kit..... sometimes those small spaces are the most challenging....... like the "Tiny Homes" projects where people try to make it all fit in a small footprint! Good luck with the daydreaming... I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Jodi Hippler

I have a pretty lengthy list of mini scenes and settings I'd love to work on, but none of them seem to work for this kit. I bet having it right where you can see it, consciously and subconsciously is going to help a lot. You'll come up with something remarkable because, well, you're you! And you have quite a nice collection of pieces to build something around. Good luck and have fun when the inspiration hits you! I'll be watching!

Nancy Enge

Love seeing working studios! Makes me feel better about the sheer volume of *stuff* needed to build miniature worlds. And to keep organized.
Speaking of, I’d love to see that small space turned into a shelf-lined closet or backroom, and the main room whatever sort of shop or living space all the stuff in the closet supported. Or, the entire structure a luxe bathhouse with gorgeous tile, wood and stonework… *sigh*
I will live the build vicariously through you alls :)

elizabeth s

I feel your pain Keli, but I think that you are wise to wait for the inspiration rather than waste time doing something and then have to take it all apart when a better idea finally does arrive.
Meanwhile, I too am impressed by your organized Studio, which has a place for everything and everything in its place and where you can actually see it! Between dusting your minis vs. stored and forgotten; the Extra dusting is preferable!


I love the furniture on your shelves - I set up little scenes on my shelves, but it would be fun to have the furniture out too!

Echoing the neat studio comments - mine looks NOTHING like that! Also agree that an idea will come to you when it's ready.


There is a good amount of space in the kit house, hmm. I can see how the layouts are an issue. You've got me thinking now, too. :D


Love all your stuff!! You are rich in stuff!


Its such a fun kit from the outside but the interior really does look like a dilemma! I hope inspiration hits you soon :) I loved storing miniatures on open shelves like that. It's so much more inviting to style and you can actually remember all that you have! (I had to box mine up eventually though because I'm too clumsy and they'd fall and break :( ) Your studio looks really nice to work in though, especially having that work table light. :)

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