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bathroom fixtures installed

bathroom sink

I'm building a bathroom sink.


Since the sink will be barely visible, if at all, I thought I'd try my hand at creating plumbing from odds and ends, for the learning experience.  If it turns out weird, nobody will see it.


So far, experience says "spend three dollars".

Thinking ahead to installing the sink in the bathroom, I've realized the first problem created by putting up the wallpaper with double sided tape.  I can't glue the sink to the wall, because the wallpaper isn't glued to the wall.  I'm going to have to either screw it into the wall or use dowels through the wall.  Either way, I'm going to have to come at it from the back side, because there isn't enough space in the bathroom to get tools in there.  Proper measuring will be key.



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Hmm... I keep thinking about it and I think you're right. Unless you could glue it to the floor somehow. But I don't know if it's light enough to stay upright with only that. Toothpick sized dowels might be your best bet.


You could slice the paper when it's up to expose the wall where you need it and glue.


We get to learn vicariously through your trial & error! I keep thinking about the time back in the mid-80s when I painted an entire bathroom, enamel paint over enamel paint, then sat on the floor and cried as it pulled off in strips from its own weight. Could have used you then! 😊

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