more holes
interior walls, antiques, and the beach


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What is it going to be... a lawyer's office?

Jodi Hippler

I loved the hotel room set up! The new layout looks library-ish. Cool furniture! What made you change your mind?


Nancy's sketchbooks did it.

I've been collecting for this room for a while, but didn't see it in this build until I saw Nancy's sketchbooks, open on the table, next to other things I have....the tablescape appeared in my mind, then the rest of the room came into focus.


Accounting office? You've got the experience to know what it looks like!


I'm excited to see this unfold!!

Barbara W.

It looks as though it could be a lovely rare book shop. I very much enjoy watching your builds evolve!

Nancy Enge

A reading room! Brilliant :)


I really like the hotel room, but I like the new setup more. Are you going to say what it is? Or are you going to hold out until you're done?


A comfy chair for every body type!
Love it!

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