Time to study
Closet door panels


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Looks good! I don't know if you are finding your matt too sticky... but personally I found it gets a lot easier peel your projects off the mat as time goes on. Whenever I get a new mat I either take a clean piece of fabric (or even just cardstock paper) and press down on the matt and lift up a couple times to remove the stick first. :D

elizabeth s

It appears that you are quick study, because your first project panels are Looking Good!


Oh, that's good to hear, Kristine. Thanks.


Things that cut for you are so much fun. I am sure this will help you make all sorts of amazing things. These panels are a great start.


Wow... look at that detail. So impressive!

Ellen C

I have a Cricut but unfortunately I've never used it but I thought it might come in handy with my mini projects. I will be enjoying watching you use yours!

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