change of plans
not every idea is a good idea

interior walls, antiques, and the beach

The carpet and interior walls are glued in place.


While the glue was drying Husband and I went out and about to enjoy the warm spring weather.

Our art museum is in the midst of an expansion and is closing for a few months during construction.  After all the exhibits were packed away the museum lent its space to the local artists for an "Artists' Studio Spring Clean-Up Sale".  I came home with a Glenn Wolff print.


Husband came home empty handed, as the painting he liked was too large to hang in our house.

After the art sale we took a beautiful drive to Elk Rapids, to browse one of our favorite antique malls, which has just reopened after being closed for two or three years.

Normally I come home empty-handed from these trips, but yesterday I picked up a few things.


I wasn't going to buy the metal folk art plane, but then Husband pointed to the "everything in this booth 50% off" sign.

I also picked up three more glass bottles for my slowly growing collection in the living room bow window.


Two more I LIKE IKE campaign buttons came home with me.  I made it almost all the way through the last election cycle before I ran my last one through the laundry and ruined it.

I also picked up a unique glass bottle I've never seen the like of before.  I need to do some internet searching to see if I can determine what is was for.  It sits on my desk, because it's a scoosh too wide for the window frame.


(Just ignore the dust, please.)

Husband came home with a Swiss Army type knife that appears as if someone modified to include a fork and spoon.  He spent the afternoon cleaning away the rust, sharpening, lubricating, and polishing.


After lunch (gas station pizza and fountain pop, eaten in the Jeep, parked at the beach...the pizza wasn't that good, but the conversation was) we walked on the beach.


Every year the beaches are littered by more zebra mussel shells, they wash up to create piles that look like banks of snow.  Zebra mussels are an invasive species decimating Lake Michigan's native clams.  It is rare now to see a clam shell on the beach; when I was a child they were plentiful.


It may be difficult to see if you don't know what you're looking at....let me do this....

20170408_130235 (2)

They are fun to walk on, though.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Alright, back to minis....

Now that the build is no longer a hotel room, I'm going to go a little wild with the small an art student was let loose at the walls.


This is the inside of the book jacket of a coloring book.  I bought the book when I re-did my dresser, thinking I would decoupage pictures on the drawer fronts, but then I changed my mind.  It took forever to find where I put the book.  Not on the bookcase, that would make too much sense.  I finally found it in my closet, under a box of crayons/pencils/markers.


I'm going to spend a quiet afternoon coloring :)

Oh, wait, there are a couple more pictures in the queue yet...

Yesterday's winner in the ugly lamp contest...


A miniature horse saddle I would have loved to purchase as a joke for my assistant, who raises Patterdale Terriers and has a ten month old son....but it wasn't joke priced, so I texted her a picture instead.


Oh, one more....this post is already lousy with pictures anyway...




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Barbara W.

I love your idea for the wallpaper. Just brilliant.


Oh, that print is mesmerizing! :D


That print is beautiful. Love the antiques, fine purchases.


That sweet kitty face!!
I love the saddle, but can imagine the price.
And I adore the print you bought!!

Ugh to zebra mussels - they're very hard on boats as well as waterways, and it's going to be almost impossible to stop them unless something even more invasive replaces them.

Had seven family members spend the weekend with me - lots of wonderful mixed in, despite dropping my phone in the toilet (just cleaned for company, thank goodness) on Saturday morning.

After they left on Sunday morning, I tooled down to West Chester for a small dollhouse show.
Let's just say that Chicago last year completely spoiled me for anything smaller.
But remember the Wright Guide people with all the tinies in packages?
I dropped a bundle there again, and then found the All About Miniatures guy and found some great deals on Reutter pieces from him!
Wasn't really anything from any unique artists, so I'm going to be looking forward to Chicago again with you in a few years, when I can afford it.


Oh, I meant to suggest that the green glass thingie might have been a fire extinguisher grenade.
At an antique mall in my hometown, they were selling an entire unused case of them, not green but a similar shape.
Maybe Google that as a beginning to your search?

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