interior walls, antiques, and the beach


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Well, it was worth the try. It's a creative idea for maybe an accent wall or inset panel. :]

And, just so you know, it can be worse:


That website is HYSYERICAL. The captions! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.


I think you're probably right. Brae's idea of an accent wall would work. I think if the paper wasn't surrounding the entire room it would be less...jarring. The second paper looks fun but less like you're on LSD when you go to wash your hands.

And to the website I can only say 'oh dear Lord!' That's just... What were people thinking?


I think it would have worked if you hadn't colored it. Just install lots of safety grab bars now! Ha!

Jodi Hippler

Yes - maybe one wall with the paper, and a reproduced and shrunk down cover for a potty thoughts journal...


Dear Journal,

THere is something weird about this room. I swear I just saw the walls moving.


Oh my!!

Dear Journal,
When I woke up from my seizure...

Love the blue flowered paper, though!

It is a bit in-your-face but perhaps if it had plain white tiles for a dado and floor, it would be less overwhelming. The second choice was good though, much more calming.

Re that crazy real life bathroom - it's a good thing they gave the toilet a green seat. No idea what they do when they want to find the sink though.

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