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super thrifty privacy glass

I know you all  love a good trash to treasure story.

The small window that came with my kit was missing a pane of "glass".  I emailed HBS, expecting them to send a piece of acrylic, but they sent a whole new window (if anyone needs it for your kit, it's all yours).

Now, I'm not going to throw an almost perfectly good window away.  I decided to use it above the toilet, and insert some privacy "glass" in it.


I made the privacy pane from double stick tape and garbage.  It is a sandwich of plastic packaging, double sided tape, a used dryer sheet, double sided tape, and plastic packaging.  I cut the sandwich to size, and inserted it in the window frame.  Voila!

DSCN4924 (2)

The bathroom door was also privatized, but since it already had a pane of acrylic I just put a very narrow strip of double sided tape around the edges and stuck the dryer sheet on.  It's not as nice a job as the window, but I'm going to display the house with that door open, dryer sheet facing the wall, so I'm not worried about it getting mucked up.  If it does I know where I can get another....two or three weekly, in fact.




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What a creative imagination you have. Looks great.

Nancy Enge

Is really, really pretty! I wonder if alternately the sheets could be stiffened with glue to make them free-standing? Must experiment!

Jodi Hippler

Nice! I bet they smell good, too!


That's an intriguing idea, Nancy.


Yes! That turned out great!

I would never have thought of using a dryer sheet.
Your brain is a wonderland!

elizabeth s

this is a Clever, Cost Effective, Neat and Tidy, Fresh Smelling and Visually Appropriate privacy glass solution for your bathroom, Keli- Well Done!


And here I thought I was smart using tissue paper between two thin plastic panes. This looks so cool!


That looks pretty cool :0)

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