Freddie the bricklayer
more holes

the walls are up

Husband cut the new window holes for me with a jigsaw, then I did a bit of fine tuning with files to fit the windows, and filled in a couple of old window holes.


I let that dry overnight, then glued the walls and floor together this morning.  Because of the way the pieces fit together this kit was an absolute dream to glue!  A big hooray to the HBS design team.  Well done!


I need to add a second band clamp and another long clamp to my array of tools.

When the kit arrived the door was out of square and the small window was missing a pane of acrylic.  HBS kindly replaced both those items for me after I emailed them pictures.  Rather than discard the broken parts I spent a couple hours carefully fixing the door, and plan on fixing the window.  I will replace the missing acrylic with something opaque and use it in the bathroom.


I am going to use the second door, but have a spare small window, if anyone needs it for their kit.


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Barbara W.

I never fail to be amazed at how quickly you work. Did you use wood glue or white glue for the walls?


Wood glue.


That is a sweet-looking kit!!

And I have clamp envy.
Your clamps are what my clamps want to be when they grow up.


Must feel so good to have it glued! Your window cuts look really good and straight, very impressive. I'm really worried about trying to free hand that :)


I'm with Susan. I have clamp envy.

I'm so excited to see the walls up! Awesome!


Nice progress.

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