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I picked out a grout color after painting swatches on scrap paper and holding them up to the tiles.  I painted the floors with it, but then decided I hated it next to the carpet.  I also decided I need to set the tiles on a thin card base to bring them up to the level of the carpet.  That's much easier anyway, it means I can tile the base on my worktable instead of tiling straight on the floor, and I can use the gray of the card as the grout color.


I painted gray around the edges of the room, so if there are gaps the light color won't show.  I also painted black the area behind the mini fridge, and ran a black sharpie along the edge of the carpet.

Tiling was quick and easy.  To speed up the tile cutting process I used measurements of one ruler width long by one brick measuring stick width wide.

DSCN4917 (2)

A quick dry fit. 


I'll finish the far end of the bathroom once the broom closet addition is attached.  The addition was originally meant to be a shower stall, but now that this isn't a hotel room a shower isn't needed.

The flooring is resting on my worktable, under weights, today while the glue fully dries.  Tonight I will give it a coat of semi-gloss sealer.



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Nice color! I like how it picks up the gold in the carpet.

Jodi Hippler

I'm glad it worked out better for you - the tile really does compliment that beautiful carpet!


The first thing I thought was just how fantastic (and real!) the carpet looks now! Always smart to darken the edges... must remember that myself! The tiles themselves look great : )


Hi Keli, You are making good progress.
Re the Swiss Army Knife. B had one the same at one time - the spoon and fork were part of the knife - albeit cumbersome.
He prefers his wave leatherman - no cutlery required.
Nice to see you in a photo!
Regards and all the best.


I like it!
I have the same color tile in my entry way and laundry area, so great minds!

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