it's wallpapering day
sorting and organizing

Wallpaper is done

I love the color, it's exactly what I wanted.  


Now I have to figure out where to put how many of which lamps, then redo holes in the floor to run wires.


First I have to clean my studio.  I ran out of room on my work table, overflowed onto the other table, then a rolling cart, then a second rolling yesterday I had to set up a cutting station on my ironing board.  There are piles on the floor, and stuff stacked in Ester's chair.

I also need to do a bit of reorganization.  My nieces made some artwork for the beach house, but didn't get the drawings to me in time to use there.  I put them away somewhere to use later, and promptly lost them. I remember finding them, accidentally, a couple of months ago, and thinking "well that was a perfectly rational place to have put them", and leaving them there.  I don't remember where there is.  Alivia drew some flowers I'd like to hang in this build, so I need to track them down again.  When I do I am going to put all my mini artwork in one place, and label it.

I have been meaning, for some time, to buy an inexpensive jewelry armoire to categorize and store mini accessories.  Perhaps I'll do that today too, if Husband didn't splurge too much on Record Store Day yesterday.


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That color is so perfect with the carpet - it would be such a soothing and calm room to sit and read in. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the lighting!


I never thought of a jewelry chest to keep minis... Brilliant idea!

I agree with Susan, the color of the wallpaper and carpet go so nicely together, soothing but not boring.

It's looking great. And I hear ya on the messy craft room front... mine is horrifying at the moment, and I haven't even been mini-ing. For organisation of little things, I found a little MDF chest kit with little drawers made from thick card at the local craft/sewing shop. Quick and easy to out together, good size drawers for tiny things.


That is an excellent color! I love those large pads of paper. Martha Stewart used to sell 18" x 18" loose papers in the stores...miss those so much!

Jodi Hippler

Ain't it great when ya just happen upon the perfect solution? I love the color - so creamy and it really is a perfect compliment to that fantastic rug. I had an interior latex color called Cookie Crumb in the house we sold before we built this one, and I am convinced it is the reason we got multiple offers. Yours is exactly the same color!

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