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another water/paper trick and fixing the sink

all the things I screwed up today

I screwed up the coffee bar.  First, I glued the paper backsplash to the wall crooked; thankfully that's easily fixable, I can glue another piece over it.  Then I cut the hole for the sink without dry fitting the countertop on the cupboards, so cut it too far forward.  I decided this wasn't too big a deal, since the coffee bar won't be seen head on, so put a black piece of paper on the bottom on the counter instead of a bowl for a proper sink.  I glued the countertop in place, but was so distracted by the sink hole that I didn't notice, until after the glue dried, that I don't like the sink where it is, that it would look better over the other cupboard door.  That's fixable too, maybe, if I haven't screwed up the chance (read on).


You noticed the crooked wall.  As I said, read on.

I papered the ceiling of the main room.  That was difficult, because the roll of wallpaper didn't want to lie flat.  I managed it okay, it's not perfect, but it's only imperfect in a couple of spots that will be noticeable only to myself.


Then I attempted to slide the flat roof piece into place, which I've done successfully since I glued the top wall piece into place, but not in the last few weeks.  I've kept trying it, daily, thinking it may be humidity, but finally accepted it wasn't going to work.  I spent over an hour sanding it thinner, trying to fit it, sanding, fitting, sanding, fitting, sanding, fitting, sanding fitting...


When it was almost there I got frustrated and whacked it into place with a mallet.


This impatience cost me, of course. I screwed up the wallpaper and knocked a wall askew.




Now I have to decide if I want to whack the flat roof back out again, so I can fit my drill in to boar a new sink hole, or if I should leave well enough alone, live with the sink as it is, and not risk damaging things further.

I should have listened to Ester this morning when she asked me not to leave the recliner.






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Nancy Enge

Oh. One of *those* days. I feel your disincentivization. My husband plays an annoying video game where some person in charge barks, “You're doing more harm than good! Return to base!” It has become our catchall phrase for ‘step back, take a deep breath, regroup’ :)


Walk away from the miniatures right now!! Remain calm and in a "butt in chair" position.

Revisit minis when calm and suitably happy.


Oh boy... I'm sorry. That's a lousy day. I hate how something as thin as wallpaper can screw up the fit of the walls.

Barbara W.

After I read your post, all I could think was "oh my". That said, you are clever and resourceful and I just know things will right themselves.


Esther is very wise.


Oh my gosh, a day like that can make you feel so rotten! I love Nancy's "return to base" message and am going to start using that now, too.


raaarrrr. I hate those days!! :[ *pours you a Scotch* *pats you on the back*


Thanks. I needed that.


Oh wow, you have had a doozy of a day! Not sure I have any suggestions, but I reckon Ester will.

Jodi Hippler

Glue, tape, smoke, mirrors - whatever it takes if anyone can find a solution you can! In the end no one will ever know how much you had to struggle!

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