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Nancy's journals done

I took the last journal in a different direction than the others.  It's the one with the coffee dribbled pages...also I miscounted the bifolia and had to create more.


The little black book stuffed with receipts is where I document all the minis I buy, so I can keep track of which artist made what, and so that when I die my daughter has some idea of how much the stuff is worth.  The receipts are from the 2016 Chicago shows, I'm a bit behind.

I like how the mini version turned out.  I used 1/8" elastic, which is the smallest I could easily find locally.  I added in a few more scraps of paper once I assembled it.


Here are the dozen, all done.  Well, maybe all done, I want to see how small the cricut can cut the word ATLAS from white vinyl.


Gratuitous kitten nom, nom, nom...






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Cool little progress journal!!! And ridiculously adorable kitten!


Wraaawr!! Ha, I love their made-bitey stage :0) The journals look fab


Love the cluttered journals, all well loved and lived in! :D

Nancy Enge

Brilliant! They’ll add much quirk to your build :)


They're beautiful.

I have an ever growing desire to take the plunge and get a cricut....damn you!!

elizabeth s

I think that your crammed and over-flowing folio of records and receipts, looks especially intriguing Keli both in FULL SIZE AND in MINI! :P

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