Nancy's journals done
ceiling no-no-no-no-no-nos

sizes dilemmas

The cricut couldn't cut the word ATLAS small enough to fit on the cover of Nancy's journal.


It did a wonderful job with the lettering for the front door, though.



I found succulents patterned wrapping paper while browsing online, and thought it would be really neat to look over the succulent planted roof, through the windows, and see succulents on the ceiling inside.  I couldn't tell if the picture online was of the whole sheet of wrapping paper or jut a snippet, so I couldn't determine the scale.  I bought it anyway. 


The scale is much too large.


It doesn't really fit the feel of the room anyway.  It's too playful, while the carpet is thoughtfully serious.  Two many conflicting patterns.


I threw a 75% off calendar in the cart, because cheap paper.  It was much larger than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.  The dimensions are listed online, but I wasn't paying attention.  It's large enough to sprawl out and take a nap on.



You may see the succulent paper show up later, in a more appropriate setting.


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I love that succulent paper but agree that it's not right for the carpet vibe. Very pretty, though, and the lettering on the staff door is perfect!


Whoo... talk about making you dizzy... you wouldn't know where to look, up or down.

I like the paper by itself but I agree, with the carpet it's way too busy. Maybe a nice starry night ceiling?


Think I'm going to go with a boring, disappearing, off-white.


Do you need some of the 'plaster' paper? I think I've got some sheets of that ecru ceiling paper from if you need it.

Sad, I just tried to spell out miniaturesdotcom.

Clearly I'm losing my mind.


Thanks for the offer, but I've got numerous choices in my stash of supplies.

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