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Cricut practice

I volunteered to cut out some images with my Cricut to make inexpensive birthday party decorations for this guy, who doesn't like to sit still for a selfie.


It took two hours Saturday morning to cut the shapes.  It takes longer to remove the pieces from the cutting mat than it does for the machine to cut.  I'm glad I didn't pay more for the faster machine.


I was going to give the pieces to birthday boy's mom to assemble, but after I saw the piles of work that  were created I knew it was going to be more time consuming than either of us expected.  While I knew she would struggle to find that time I have no such struggle, so I finished the project.


The first image is eleven layers thick.  The dimension is great; Elmo is further forward than Big Bird, who is further forward than Cookie Monster.


The second image is seven layers thick.


The completed project:  two signs on foam-core board to hang on each side of the park pavilion, and two double-sided table decorations.


It took an entire day to make these, but it was good practice and the decorations turned out great.  I'll have to cut a couple of smaller ones to give to her for scrapbook embellishments.

So, not counting my time, how did we do on the 'inexpensive' front?  The images were $1.49 each, the words were free.  I had just bought a multi-pack of 100 sheets of cardstock for $10, so at a dime a sheet, there is $2.00 of paper in the project.  I spent $1.00 for the foam core board and fifty cents for a sheet of posterboard I used half of.  Add in a couple of bucks for a glue stick, and the project came in at $8.23.  Not bad at all!  Tiffy can buy me a cherry chicken salad sandwich for lunch today (the Monday special at Ware's) and we'll call it even.  Who would not trade a sandwich for custom made birthday decorations?



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That's awesome. I love Sesame Street.


And you had fun as well! :D Looks like time well spent!

elizabeth s

A Great Job Keli! Your work on Hunter's birthday party decorations look Cheerful, Colorful and Professional. :D


Those are SO cute!! Priceless, I bet, as far as satisfaction for a job turning out well. And Hunter is a cutie, too!


Those are VERY cool Keli! And a great way to practice using your machine. Also looks like you had some fun with them. So you could also cut little shapes out of rolled icing for the cake/s???


I had not thought of that Shannon.


The decorations and cards look fabulous. Custom made stuff is always extra special and definately worth the sandwich trade. I didn't realise the cut outs were so hard to remove once they're cut. Is it a Cricut thing or all cutting machines?


The cutting mat that the paper sits on is sticky, to hold the paper in place.

Jodi Hippler

Ha! These are so adorable! I bet Hunter was thrilled! You are really making great use of that new machine!

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